Ampetronic A300 Phased Array Kit with Rack Mounts

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Ampetronic A300 Phased Array Kit with Rack MountsAn Array System installation will require an Array System kit, plus a loop layout design, cabling or tape for installing the loop and other loop accessories. You must have a loop design to purchase an Array System which can be provided by you or by Blaydon Communications.
Blaydon Communications can give you technical support, assist you with a design, or provide a design for you.

A300 kit contains: 

  • 2 x ILD300 amplifiers
  • 1 x SP5 phase shifter
  • All interconnecting signal and power cables
  • Handbooks and guidebooks.
  • The kit is available as a rack mount option, code A300-RM
  • Benefits of an Ampetronic Array System
  • Even field strength and frequency response in the presence of metal structures
  • Even field strength over very large areas
  • Can reduce spill to 1-2m from the loop edge for adjacent rooms or confidentiality
  • Minimises interactions between complex systems such as theatres with balconies

Array Systems are commonly used for:
Areas with metal structures:

  • Metal tiled flooring
  • Reinforced concrete floors
  • Metal suspended ceilings
  • Retractable seating

To reduce spill in:

  • Boardrooms
  • Council chambers
  • Classrooms / lecture halls
  • CourtroomsLarge systems e.g.:
  • Airport terminals
  • Shopping centres
  • Exhibition halls
  • Theatres