Ampetronic ACDTMIC Desktop Microphone

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The ACDTMIC is a directional electret microphone. It is designed to be connected to unbalanced microphone inputs with bias powering such as those found on the Ampetronic ILD100 & CLD1 induction loop amplifiers.

The unit is directional, so it can reduce unwanted sound pickup from sources that are not in front of the microphone. 

The microphone should be positioned so that it points directly towards the desired sound source, for example the receptionist at a counter, and it should be reasonably close to that source.

Users should also take care to ensure that the microphone doesn't pick up any unwanted sounds when selecting a location, such as a computer fan or other such device. 

A datasheet with further information can be found here: Ampetronic ACDTMIC Datasheet or by selecting the "Additional Information" link at the top of the listing.

Restrictions on Usage

The ACDTMIC should not be directly connected to balanced or line level inputs, it should only be connected to inputs intended for unbalanced electret microphones with DC bias power.


 Sensitivity  -65dB 3dB at 1kHz (0dB=1V/bar)
 Impedance  680 ohms
 Directivity Cardioid
 Frequency Range  30Hz - 16kHz
 Maximum Bias Voltage  9V
 Normal Bias Voltage  1.5V
Base Diameter 84mm
 Weight  420g (Including Cable)
 Stem Length  355mm (Semi Rigid)
 Cable Length  2.4 metres
Cable Connector   Mono 3.5mm jack
 Colour  Black