Ampetronic CLD1AC-CB Compact Loop Driver with Boundary Microphone

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Ampetronic CLD1AC-CB Compact Loop Driver with Boundary MicrophoneCLD1AC

The CLD-AC Compact Loop Driver is designed for counter systems and small area perimeter loop systems. Measuring only 180 x 75 x 35mm and with an output current of 2.4A RMS, the CLD1-AC is the smallest and highest performance amplifier in itís class. Audio quality is ensured with metal loss correction combined with Ampetronicís usual high standards of design.

The CLD1-AC is designed for flexibility and convenience, featuring 2 independent microphone inputs with independent level controls, one of which can be switched to a line input. All cable connections are made on a single face of the unit, adding flexibility and further simplifying installation.

CLD1AC Features

  • Low lifetime cost
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Very compact
  • 2 independent inputs
  • 1 mic input and 1 switchable mic/line input
  • Metal loss compensation
  • All connections to a single face for installation convenience

Boundary Microphone

The Q400 boundary microphone is small and unobtrusive ideal for concealment on a service counter. The design fixes easily to a desktop surface, and provided the desk can be drilled, the cable can be invisible from the top. It has a directional, hypercardioid response which minimises room reverberation and background noise pickup, offering a clean, intelligible signal.

Boundary Microphone Features
  • Colour: Black
  • Cable length: 3 metres