Ampetronic HLS02-15L Loop Driver

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Ampetronic HLS02-15L Loop Driver
HLS02 Intercom & Information Point Audio Induction Loop Driver

  • Area coverage to >30 m2
  • Excellent reliability 
  • Simple integration
  • Power supply options – 12 V to 18 V DC or 36 V to 60 V DC
  • 2 transformer isolated inputs – 
  • 100 V line and low impedance speaker
  • Metal loss correction 
  • 3 dB / octave
  • Unrivalled intelligibility

The HLS02 is a small area coverage audio induction loop driver built for the O.E.M. customer for integration into communication systems such as help points, refuge points, car park barriers and drive throughs.

It is backed by Amptronic’s 5 year warranty and free technical support. With 2 independent balanced transformer isolated inputs (low impedance speaker and 100V line), superior sound clarity, metal loss correction and a range of power supply voltage options, it is the obvious choice for any quality intercom system.

The HLS02 can be used to drive small multi-turn ‘counter’ style loops. These offer limited area coverage, up to approximately 1m distance from the loop. However, they are often a simple solution for installation. Ampetronic can provide a standard preformed loop, or a loop can be custom designed for your application. Consult our support team for more information.

The HLS02 can be used to cover a small area using a perimeter loop in which case, a single turn loop should usually be used, contact us for advice if you are unsure.

Room aspect ratio: 1:1 2:1 3:1

Maximum area m2:  20 30 35