Contacta are a UK based company, founded in 1970, who are committed to create, deliver and support innovative assistive technology solutions that enhance the quality of life.

Their vision is to be the natural choice for assistive technology products by striving to make things simple for everyone.

We are committed to the Contacta brand and all their products can be purchased from us at great pricing.

Univox have been around for over 50 years and have built up a reputation of providing quality products with an involvement in most major developments in the induction loop and assisted hearing sector.

Just like us, Univox pride themselves on providing initial support and planning then backing it all up with technical knowledge to ensure that the best possible listening experience is provided to all members of an audience. 

Ampetronic are a leading manufacturer in the design and manufacture of audio induction loop systems. Their products have been designed and built to the highest standards complying with all current UK legislation.

Ampetronic have developed all their products to provide benefit to those that have experienced hearing loss. Their products can make a real difference to the lives of those that use them and every one of their products is available from our online store.

SigNET have been around since 1994 and in that time they've built up quite a range of induction loop equipment to help the hard of hearing. 

Their portfolio includes systems ranging from simple portable devices up to top quality equipment for cinema or theatre use. In addition to the loop equipment on offer they also have their superb Outreach plate system that can expand your loop system to offer more flexibility to the system users.

C-TEC's range of PDA induction loop amplifers form part of the largest range of products from any UK manufacturer. Every product has been designed to help hearing aid wearers to participate in general conversations and other activities ensuring inclusion of every audience member and service user.

Their range of equipment meets and exceeds all current UK British Standards, providing they are installed correctly of course! That's where we provide a valuable link in the chain between manufacturer and installer or specifier.

Current Thinking are a Sunderland based manufacturer of induction loop and infra-red hearing solutions.

For many years, Current Thinking produced innovative products that led the way in induction loop sectors. 

Limited stock availble from our warehouse.