Contacta HLD2 Loop Amplifier

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The Contacta HLD2 Loop Driver is an integral part of the popular range of counter loop systems.

The driver unit, or amplifier, is the heart of the systems and works in conjuction with a loop aerial and input source to provide an induction loop field that can be listened to by a hearing aid user.

The unit is very efficient and great at it's job thanks to the internal microprocessor that will shut down the unit when no signal is being transmitted and instantly switches on to provide superb quality audio when it's needed.

The unit is normally supplied as part of a kit but, in the rare event that yours has gone faulty, this can be fitted to existing loop installations or is an ideal way to replace a damaged unit.

Features of the HLD2:

  • Simple to install
  • Energy-saving 'green' standby mode
  • Advanced audio processing
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Audio compression
  • Noise gate circuit
  • Constant-current loop drive
  • Self testing for fault free operation
  • Power and LED status indicators

No we know there's some of you that need all the technical information so if you do need a spec sheet just download it using the additional information link at the top of the page underneath the product code.

As with all loop systems don't forget you need to regularly test the system and the IL-RX20 is the perfect tool to help you.

If you are buying this as a new item and not a replacement, please don't forget to check you have the related items, such as the PS-55-01-UK power supply unit.