Contacta HLD5 Loop Amplifier

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The HLD5 from Contacta is a very compact, stand alone, dual hearing loop amplifier which has a built in phase shifter allowing the unit to be suitable for permiter loop applications along with phased array configurations too.

Ideally suited for smaller venues such as meeting rooms, classrooms, waiting rooms and other smaller public spaces thanks to it's ability to be able to drive two small loops concurrently or one single phased array solution.

The unit can be conveniently screwed to a wall or inside a cupboard or rack unit providing a cost effective and easy installation method. 

As with all induction loop installations you should complete regular tests and the IL-RX20 is the perfect tool to help you comply with the obligations set out in the current British Standards.

Features of the HLD5 include:

  • Easy configuration of modes for perimiter or phased use
  • Efficient power utilisaiton
  • Sleep mode for energy saving
  • High frequency compensation (Metal Loss)
  • Self test capability 
  • Loop drive level indication
  • Intelligent protection circuit
  • External communication interface
  • 100v line input for easy integration with sound system
  • Microphone input
  • Line level input
  • Aluminium powder coated finish

Downloadable datasheet available using the more information link under the product title