Contacta HLD9 Loop Amplifier

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The HLD9 is a pioneering modular solution being offered by Contacta, who are renowned for quality products that produce superb results. The HLD 9 offers a method of delivering a perimeter or phased array configuration for a large area such as a theatre, conference facilities, sport arena, concert hall or auditorium.

Even though the amplifier can produce the large amounts of current required for large induction loop systems the Class D amplifier is still very efficient and manages its power usage very well, resulting in very little heat being generated from the HLD9's compact form factor.

The unit features two combination inputs, both of which are balanced. The first is a microphone input which allows for a balanced XLR or 6.3mm TRS jack, with switchable phantom power for an electret microphone with 3.3VDC power via a 680Ω load. The second is a line input which allows for a balanced XLR or 6.3mm TRS jack to an ohmically isolated input. 

To ensure that the user experience is as simple as possible, Contacta have included sophisticated communication capabilities within the HLD9, allowing you to remotely setup the system and control levels in addition to being able to monitor the performance and operational status.

The unit can be rack mounted using the MBR1-9 or MBR2-9 rack mount kits and don't forget to buy your IL-RX20 induction loop test device to make sure you can complete regular testing of your loop system.

Main features of the HLD9 include:
  • Integrated 90 degree phase shift circuit for phased array applications
  • Flexible configuration options for perimeter or phased array systems
  • Extremely efficient power usage
  • Energy saving sleep mode
  • Compensation for high frequency loss due to metal issues
  • Continuous self monitoring and testing
  • Accurate and lockable front panel controls
  • Loop drive level indication
  • Input level indication
  • Protection circuits
  • Flexible audio inputs
  • External equipment interface
For a full specification and further information, please check out the datasheet by using the "Additional Information" link under the product title at the top of the page.