Contacta IL-AE96 Supaloop Aerial - Without Housing

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The Contacta Supaloop Aerial, or the IL-AE96 to give this version its official part number, is a flexible compact loop aerial. It is ideal for use with any of Contacta's desk loop systems or speech transfer systems like the popular STS-K070 window intercom system.

The IL-AE96 is an alternative to the IL-AE97. That version is included with Contacta's 'Above Counter' loop systems and creates a localised field ideal for providing a suitable listening field for the hard of hearing person. This version is ideal if you'd like to use an above counter loop aerial but the installation site will be obscured in some way. 

The loop aerial works perfectly with the HLD2 loop driver to create a field of cover approximately 1.2m away, so there's good scope to include the listening space within the magnetic field whilst still retaining a degree of local privacy.

The loop aerial is lightweight and can be fitted using double sided tape, an adhesive pocket, or using screws to mount the unit via the holes in either corner. The connection is via a Euroblock connector, so if you have any queries regarding this please feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected]

Don't forget that the IL-AE96 doesn't have any signage so you need a suitable sign such as the IL-SN12 in order to make hearing aid users aware that an assistive listening system is installed, as well as to comply with the British Standards. 

The loop aerial will comply with BS EN60118-4 when used with the HLD2 or A31H hearing loop drivers.