Contacta IL-AE97 Loop Sign with Built-In Aerial

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The Contact IL-AE97, also know as a Supaloop Aerial, combines a rigid sign solution with a compact loop aerial built in.

The IL-AE97 is included with Contacta's 'Above Counter' loop systems and creates a localised field ideal for providing a suitable listening field for the hard of hearing person.

The loop aerial works perfectly with the HLD2 loop driver to create a field of cover approximatley 1.2m away so there's good scope to include the listening space within the magnetic field whils still retaining a degree of local privacy.

The loop aerial is lightweight and can be fitted using adhesive pads or velcro but there is a desk stand available too. 

Although this item is normally sold as part of an over the counter kit they have known to be damaged or even disposed of during works so it's cheaper to buy this than buy a whole new kit.

The loop aerial will comply with BS EN60118-4 when used with the HLD2 or A31 hearing loop drivers.