Contacta IL-AE99 Counter Hearing Loop Aerial

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The Contacta IL-AE99 is a loop aerial used for under the counter loop installations and is ideal for general counters, booths, desks and any other similar locations.

The loop aerial was originally designed for use with the HLD2 loop driver and since then its use has spread to almost all of Contacta's desk and surface based systems. When the loop amplifier is driving a signal, the IL-AE99 will create a magnetic field to allow the hearing aid wearer to listen to the broadcasted audio.

The magnetic field covers an area approximately 1.2m away, so there's good scope to include the listening space within the magnetic field whilst still retaining a degree of local privacy.

The loop aerial is normally fitted using self adhesive clips but thanks to its flexibility, it can be fitted into many positions with ease using any suitable fixing method. The connection is via a Euroblock connector, so if you have any queries regarding this please feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected]

Although this item is normally sold as part of a kit they have known to be damaged or even disposed of during works, so it's cheaper to buy this than having to fork out for a whole new kit. This is the item that is also supplied with all speech transfer systems from the Contacta range.

The loop aerial will comply with BS EN60118-4 when used with the HLD2 or A31 hearing loop drivers.

Need more information? Just download the spec sheet using the "Additional Information" link at the top of the page underneath the product code.
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