Contacta IL-CONTACTA-FSM Field Strength Meter

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The Contacta IL-CONTACTA-FSM is an essential tool for anyone that is installing, commissioning or verifying a professional induction loop system to comply with BS EN 60118-4, which is in fact all loop systems!

The IL-CONTACTA-FSM is a device that will allow you to check the background noise levels in the listening space, which should be done prior to the loop system being installed. This is a requirement of the current British Standard and will save you the time and effort of installing a loop system if the end result will not be acceptable to the end user.

The device will provide you with a means to completely check the loop system fields strength, as well as being an invaluable tool to help you confirm the system you have installed is fully compliant. More importantly it will identify potential issues with the system that can be relayed to the building management, so they can advise their service users of any potential black spots in the in the system.

The device has a measurement range of -54dB to +9dB, so it covers all the requirements of BS EN 60118-4, and the flat response of +/- 1bD between 50Hz and 10kHz far exceeds the required levels of any professional loop system specification.

The unit is powered by a single PP3 battery and the 16 x 2 Character LCD Display provides clear readings for you to record into your commissioning paperwork. There's also a 3.5mm jack socket to allow you to listen to the broadcast signal, because in reality the subjective listening test is probably the most important factor of any loop installation.

In order to get the required test results you need to make sure the correct tones and audio messages are broadcast to the loop. This can be achieved by using the Contacta IL-TSG1 Test Signal Generator which is the perfect partner for the Contacta IL-FSM. If you fancy picking both up at once, then contact our sales team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to do you a deal on the two units together!

If you need a datasheet for the Contacta IL-FSM download it here or by using the additional information link under the product code on this page.