Contacta IL-EL42-L2 Integrated Hearing Loop and Sign

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The Contacta IL-EL42-L2 is an integrated hearing loop and sign which is designed to be incorporated into third party manufacturer's equipment. There is foam casing around the outside of the sign for ease of installation. It provides an integral solution to machines and equipment requiring both a hearing loop and signage.

The module accepts input signals from the following:

- Pre-recorded sound sources (line out signals)
- Low voltage loudspeaker outputs
- VOIP (voice over internet protocol) audio adapters
- Intercom systems
- PA systems

The IL-EL42-L2 features AGC (Automatic Gain Control) which means it self adjusts to accommodate variations in input level. It is a constant current loop drive with low power consumption. It has an ohmically isolated audio line input and the internal LED indicators display any drive or loop fault conditions, so any issues can be quickly and efficiently identified.

The frequency response is compliant with IEC 60118-4 (in correct installations) but please note that if power from the host system is not available then a separate power lead is required which is not included with the system. For prices and availability, please contact our sales team on 0191 414 4241 for information and advice.

If you'd like to learn more about this product, please download the datasheet by using the "Additional Information" link at the top of the page.