Contacta IL-EL42-PF Flush Hearing Loop for Door Entry Systems

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The Contacta IL-EL42-PF is a flush hearing loop designed to be used with door entry systems in order to provide hearing device wearers with clear audio.

The unit is designed to meet IP55 (Ingress Protection Rating) in correct installations. It features AGC (Automatic Gain Control), which means the unit self adjusts in order to accommodate variations in the input level. 

The unit has low power consumption, but still provides the loop drive with constant current to ensure the optimal performance of the unit. You shouldn't have any problems diagnosing any faults either. The unit has an internal LED status indication which displays drive and loop fault conditions, so any issues can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

The frequency response is compliant with IEC 60118-4 (in correct installations) so you can ensure that the required regulatory conditions are met.

For more information regarding the IL-EL42-PF, please download a copy of the product sheet using the "Additional Information" link at the top of the page. You can also check out the IL-EL42-PB if flush mounting isn't an option. 

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