Contacta IL-K200-00-00 Under Counter Loop System (Mouse Microphone)

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The Contacta IL-K200-00-00 loop system is one of our best selling kits and provides a discrete under-the-counter solution for your induction loop needs.

The IL-K200-00-00 is popular for use in supermarket customer service counters, post offices, theatres and banks along with general information points and kiosk and airports. Enabling a hard of hearing person to hear clear communication from the staff at the counter the kit is a cost effective solution for any 1 to 1 counter situations.

The amplifier in the kit is the latest HLD-2 loop driver unit the flexible IL-AE99 loop aerial allows for an easy and compliant installation. The loop cable is pre-formed but still flexible enough to allow it to be manipulated into place to ensure the correct coverage and field strength is produced. The microphone in this kit is the STS-M70 Mouse Microphone which provides an unobtrusive but effective means to pick up the voice of the staff and feed it into the loop system.

The kit also includes the PS-55-01-UK power supply, fixings and an IL-SN01 induction loop adhesive sign.

Don't forget that you should be checking your loop systems regularly and the ideal tool to assist you with this is the IL-RX20 loop listener.

Download a datasheet using the additional information link under the product code at the top of this page.