Contacta IL-K300-05-00 Over Counter Loop System (Mouse Microphone)

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If you're stuck for space or don't have a counter, then the Contacta IL-K300-05-00 could be the perfect kit for you.

This over counter solution is perfectly suited to every counter application and is suitable for covering the normal places you'd expect such as banks, supermarkets, information kiosks, ticket offices and reception desks, but thanks to the IL-AE97 loop aerial this kit can also be used in locations which don't have a counter or just if there's simply not enough space to use an under the counter solution.

As with the other one to one kits from Contacta, the IL-K300-05-00 uses the wonderful HLD-2 loop driver but this kit uses the IL-AE97 loop sign with built in aerial to allow for desktop or flat wall applications. The microphone in this kit is the STS-M70 Mouse Microphone which ensures that a good, intelligible signal is provided to the loop amplifier to maximise audibility for the hard of hearing customer.

The kit also includes the PS-55-01-UK power supply, but doesn't need the IL-SN01 induction loop adhesive sign as the IL-AE97 doubles as both a loop sign and aerial. The IL-SN01 can still be used to add additional signage to the installation position if required though.

Don't forget that you should be checking your loop systems regularly and the ideal tool to assist you with this is the IL-RX20 loop listener.

Download a datasheet using the "Additional Information" link under the product code at the top of this page.