Contacta IL-PL20-2 Portable Induction Loop System

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Contacta IL-PL20-20 Portable Induction Loop System

No doubt you've seen the IL-PL20 portable loop units in lots of places, and in our opinion it's the best portable loop solution on the market. As one of our best selling products we can offer the best prices and we always keep these in stock.

The unit is designed to provide portable desktop induction loop solutions for all 1 to 1 situations in applications such as meeting rooms and service counters. Counter induction loop systems should be used where possible, but in buildings which have several meeting rooms offering flexibility to your clients means that sometimes fixed loops may not be cost effective or practical.

One of the key parts of any induction loop system is a good audio input, and whilst the built in microphone has great pickup it may be worth having a look at the IL-PL30 boundary microphone that can be used to improve the pickup capabilities of the IL-PL20-2. The IL-PL26 Perspex storage shelf is also a handy add on to keep your portable loop system safe and easy to locate and to avoid delays when it's needed.

Don't forget that even portable loop systems should be checked to make sure they're working, and the perfect tool for this is the IL-RX20 loop listener so don't forget to add one to your order. 

The unit will create a magnetic field of 1.2m, so it will cover most 1 to 1 scenarios. The benefits of the system are many, but here's a few key points that we feel best sum up our best selling loop product. 

  • Easy to use.
  • No installation work required.
  • Simple, neat solution.
  • No trailing wires or parts to lose.
  • Neat and compact.
  • Unobtrusive, effective, inclusive.

  • Customer Service Counters.
  • Home Visits.
  • Interview Areas.
  • Meeting Rooms.
  • Reception Desks.
  • Situations where a loop facility is only occasionally required. 

Technical Information:
  • Size: (approx.) 270mm x 250mm x 110mm. 
  • Power: Rechargeable 12V NiMH battery.
  • Battery Life: (approx.) 4 hours continuous use.
  • Microphone: Electret capsule.
  • Magnetic Field Coverage Area: (approx.) 4ft / 1.2m.
  • Connections: External audio in - 3.5mm jack plug socket. DC power - 2.1mm DC jack plug socket.

Instructions for Users:

  • Place the portable induction loop system on the desk or counter between the user and the member of staff, with the back of the unit towards the staff member and the front with the "T” position label towards the user (as shown below). 

 Contacta IL-PL20 Portable Induction Loop Diagram

  • Switch the on system using the switch on the back of the main unit on the left side marked "ON-OFF”. 

  • The user may get the most benefit from the system by adjusting the position of the Main Unit on the desk to suit their needs. 

  • During normal use when conversation is taking place, the LED will flash green in conjunction with speech to indicate that the unit is working. 

  • If the battery level becomes low, the LED will flash red periodically. The unit should then be charged using the power adapter provided (This may be done whilst the system is still in operation). 

  • To ensure that the unit is ready for use when required, and to preserve battery life, put on charge periodically, (e.g. once a month, using the power adapter). This should be plugged into a 13 amp mains socket with the flexible lead connected to the socket on the rear of the main unit marked "PWR”.