Contacta IL-PL21 Boundary Microphone

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IL-PL21 External Boundary Microphone. Designed for placing directly onto the surface of a desk or counter.

The Contacta IL-PL21 small boundary microphone is ideal for use with the IL-PL20 portable loop system to provide an additional audio input source and is the microphone supplied with the RL-HLD3 Home Loop Kit.

It can pick up audio from all around thanks to its omni-directional pick-up pattern which means it's particularly useful for making sure the audio from several people gets fed into the loop system, but can also be perfect for picking up the ambient noise in a room or the audio from a TV. It can also pick up the noise of a telephone ringing or a doorbell making it a handy addition to any domestic solution.

The microphone will provide its best performance when used on a flat surface such as a table or counter top.

The IL-PL21 has been superseded by the IL-PL30, for more information please feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected]

Physical Data:

Length : 3 metres O/A
Dimensions : 39 x 16.4mm
Weight : 72 grams

Electrical Data: 
Type : 2-wire electret
Impedance : 1 k
Sensitivity : -48dB +/- [email protected] KHz (0dB = 1 volt per Pa)
Frequency response : 50 Hz to 18 Hz pattern half cardioid
S/N ratio : 64dB (A)
Max SPL : 120dB 1% THD
Power : 1 to 9v DC optimum 4.5v

Full datasheet available by clicking the additional information link under the product title on this page.