Contacta IL-PL26 Perspex Shelf for IL-PL20

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The Contacta IL-PL26 is a perspec shelf specifically designed to store the IL-PL20 portable loop system when it's not being used and can also provide a convenient solution for somewhere to put the device whilst it's being charged.

If you've gone to the bother of putting a solution in place using the IL-PL20 and putting signage up such as the IL-SN10 there be no point if you can't find the device when you need it or when you do find it it has no charge left. The IL-PL26 is the perfect way to avoid these issues and keep you in the clear with your customers.

At only 206mm high x 316mm wide and only 152mm deep the perspex shelf is a compact solution to storing your IL-PL20.

Weighing in at 693g means you'll not need huge fixings to secure the shelf in place and it should be fine mounted on most surface. Don't forget to take into account the weight of the portable loop system and if you're in any doubt consult a professional installer.