Contacta IL-RX20 Loop Listener with Headphones

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If you have an induction loop system then you have an obligation to periodically test it to make sure it is working. The Contacta IL-RX20 provides you with the means to complete this test quickly and determine if the hearing loop system is functioning correctly and producing an acceptable output. Whilst this test can be completed using a person with a hearing aid on the 'T' position it is still recommended to have this test device tohand as not all hearing aids have a 'T' position and the tests are often completed by persons that don't use hearing aids at all.

The IL-RX20 comes complete with headphones too and with an expected usage of 100 hours from 2 x AAA batteries this test device is the most competitively priced and economical units available. 

For more in depth information download the specification sheet using the additional information link at the top of the page underneath the product code.