Contacta IL-SN02 Adhesive Front - Fixed Loop Sign

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The IL-SN02 from Contacta is a sign that has a front adhesive layer to allow you to stick it to a glass screen or other transparent surface. It is designed to alert hearing aid users to the presence of an induction loop system as required by BS EN 60118-4

The IL-SN02 is 90mm wide and 100mm tall making it a discrete solution for your signage needs.

Installation couldn't be simpler; simple peel off the protective layer and stick it to a clean surface. Watch out for those air bubbles though!

Suitable for fixed induction loop systems, counter loop installation and speech transfer systems that have an induction loop facility.

If you need an adhesive backed sticker then use the IL-SN01 or you can use the IL-SN12 for a desktop solution.