Contacta IL-SN06 Adhesive Front - Portable Loop Sign

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If you have a portable loop system, such as the Contacta IL-PL20, you still have an obligation to display clear signage and this can be achieved by using one of the signs available on our website. 

The IL-SN06 is a window mounted sticker which has an adhesive front to allow you to stick it to the inside of a glass window or partition and let your hard of hearing customers know there is a portable loop system available.

If you don't have a window then you'd need the IL-SN05 sticker with adhesive back or the IL-SN10 stand sign for portable loops instead.

Installation is very easy, simply peel off the protective layer and stick it to a clean surface using a credit card to smooth out those air bubbles. A debit card works equally as well!

This sign clearly states that a portable loop system is available, so it would be no good for fixed induction loop systems. If you need a fixed loop solution then check out the IL-SN02 which is the fixed loop version of this same sticker.