Contacta IL-TSG1 Loop Test Signal Generator

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If you're setting up induction loop systems correctly and in accordance with BS EN 60118-4 then you need to generate certain tones and signals to verify the induction loop system is creating the required field strength.

The Contacta IL-TSG1 is an ideal way to inject the correct audio feeds into your loop system and saves messing about with other audio devices. Unlike using a CD or other device you won't have to worry about any changes made to the signal from the output stage of the playback device as the TSG1 has been specifically designed for the purpose so you know what comes out of this signal generator is exactly what you need to complete your testing or commissioning.

The unit has a fully balanced output at -10dBV which can be connected to the loop system via the 3 pin male XLR or via a 3 pole phoenix connector.

The unit uses two AA batteries which will last many hours and the Auto Power Off function maximises the battery life by turning of the device for you after you've put it away and left it switched on!

The device includes the following, easy to select, audio frequencies and tones:
  • 100Hz Tone
  • 500Hz Tone
  • 1kHz Tone
  • 1.6kHz Tone
  • 4kHz Tone
  • 5kHz Tone
  • Pink Noise
  • White Noise
All of this in one compact, easy to store and use, device.

In order to complete the measurement and commissioning of an induction loop system you should also have a field strength meter and the Contacta IL-TSG1 works perfectly with the Contacta IL-CONTACTA-FSM Professional Field Strength Meter.

Download a datasheet for the Contacta IL-TSG1 here or using the additional information link below the product code on this page.