Contacta IR-HP2 Underchin Headphones for IR & RF Systems

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£ 27.00
Discontinued Product
Contacta IR-HP2 Underchin Headphones for IR & RF Systems
The Contacta IR-HP2 is designed to be used in conjunction with the IR-RX2 infrared receiver unit or the RF-RX1 radio frequency receiver unit. It is ideal for any situation where an infrared or RF system is being used to provide listeners with clear sound.

The IR-HP2 is a pair of black headphones designed to be worn under the chin. They're ideal for use in situations where units designed to be worn over the head would be uncomfortable or impractical. The units have a 78 centimetre long lead and use a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

The earbuds are made from rubber and are designed to fit comfortably into the ear. The unit comes with a single set, but if additional earbuds are required then please contact our sales team on 0191 691 6691 and we'll be happy to assist. 
Technical Specification

Dimensions - 220mm H x 135mm W x 20mm D
Lead Length - 780mm (30.7")
Weight - 22g
Finish - Black
Impedance - 32Ω
Connection - 3.5mm audio plug