Contacta PLALS-V Portable Large Area Loop

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The Contacta PLALS-V is a large area portable loop system suitable for medium sized facilities such as meeting and conference rooms, lecture halls or places of worship. It's also ideal as a temporary solution for events, for rooms where a permanent install is not achievable, or for use by travelling instructors or public speakers.

The compact travel case houses the built in V7 hearing loop driver and a 2-channel microphone receiver, along with an auxiliary input as well. The receiver operates on UK licence free frequencies so you will have no annual fees to concern yourself with.

The system comes with boundary, handheld and beltpack microphones, as well as an IL-RX20 loop listener to test and verify that the system is working.

The PLALS-V features efficient power utilisation and continuous self testing to ensure optimal performance. The accurate front panel mounted controls are lockable to prevent unintended interference, and the case has a padded pocket to safely store all the included accessories.

For full product information, please download the product datasheet by using the "Additional Information" link at the top of the page.

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