Contacta RF-RX1 Portable RF Receiver

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The Contacta RF-RX1 is a lightweight portable radio frequency (RF) receiver which is designed to provide high quality sound transmitted via the Contacta RF-TX1. It has a transmission range of up to 300 meters in open air, and there is no limit to the number of receivers which can be used per group.

The unit can be charged via micro-USB. You can charge two units simultaneously using the RF-RX-CS2, or for safe keeping we'd recommend using the Contacta RF-DC20 to house and charge all your Contacta RF products.

The RF-RX1 requires a Contacta IR-NL1 inductive neck loop in order to be compatible with hearing aids fitted with a T-Coil, or alternatively compatible headphones would be required.

If you require further information, then a specification sheet can be downloaded by using the "Additional Information" link at the top of the page.