Contacta RF-RXU Portable Radio Frequency Underchin Receiver

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The Contacta RF-RXU is a portable radio frequency underchin receiver. It's lightweight, comfortable and compatible with any Contacta RF transmitter to provide clear sound to users. The RF-RXU has a transmission range of up to 200 meters in open air and there is no limit to the number of receivers which can be used per group.

The unit is fitted with a rechargeable battery and you can store and charge either 5 or 10 units simultaneously with the RF-RXU-DC5 5 bay charging station or the RF-RXU-DC10 10 bay charging case.

The volume of the RF-RXU is amplified, adjustable up to 120dB to assist users with hearing loss, and spare rubber earbuds are available on request.

The RF-RXU is ideal for situations where listeners require clear sound, tour guidance or interpretation such as;

- Museums
- Historical Sites
- Meeting Rooms
- Conferences
- Places of Worship