Contacta RF-TRX Portable RF Transceiver

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The Contacta RF-TRX is a two-directional portable radio frequency transceiver. This is a transmitter and receiver in a single unit, allowing users to both speak and listen across 40 channels. It's splash resistant and comes with a micro-USB power supply to make charging the unit simple and fast.

Up to 99 transceivers can be used per group, with once being defined as the primary transmitter capable of both speech and listening. Two of the group's secondary transmitters can be set to also speak and listen.

The unit comes with a leather carry case with belt clip, USB charger cable, lanyard and a headset. Additional RF-TRX1-HSM headsets are available should spares or replacements be required.

The RF-TRX can transmit to other RF-TRX units, as well as the Contacta RF-RX1 or RF-RXU receiver units, making it ideal for situations where listeners require clear sound, tour guidance or interpretation such as:

- Museums
- Historical Sites
- Meeting Rooms
- Conferences
- Places of Worship

If you're planning on using multiple RF-TRX units we'd really recommend storing them safely and securely using a RF-TRX-MCB 10 bay case. This has the added benefit of also being able to charge your units when they're not in use.