Contacta RL-Tape-12.5 Flat Copper Tape 12.5mm Width

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Contacta RL-Tape-12.5 Flat Copper Tape 12.5mm WidthContacta RL-Tape is flat copper tape designed to be placed under flooring when installing large area loops. When it can be used it is a much easier and more practical solution than cable.

The Contacta RL-Tape comes as a 100m reel and its insulation film can be soldered through. It is available in three different widths depending on your installation requirements - 10mm, 12.5mm and 25mm. If you're not sure which width you require then please get in touch with our sales team who'll be happy to help - [email protected]

It's also good practice to cover your copper tape with Warning Tape to highlight to other contractors that there is an installed loop present and that they should avoid damaging it

Conductor Specification

Composition - Copper 99.5% (minimum)
Density - 8.9g/cm
Melting Point - 1083C
Electrical Conductivity - 58m/ohm mm at 20C (100%IACS)
Electrical Resistance - 0.01741 ohm mm/m at 20C
Hardness - 50/60 HV
Copper Section - 1.25mm 

Insulation Film Specification

Density - 1.36g/cm
Tensile Strength - 200N/mm
Elongation - 60%
Temperature rating (continuous use) Melting Point - 160C
Breakdown Voltage - 7KV