Contacta Single/Dual Clamping Bracket for S23 Overhead Speakers

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The Contacta BRKT-CLAMP-S23 is designed to allow the Contacta STS-S23 overhead speaker module to be clamped onto a partition or screen. This makes it the ideal solution when you're trying to install one of the Contacta STS-K062 or STS-K064 systems, but you don't have a suitable surface for the speaker to be screwed into. 

These systems are great for locations where one to one communication takes place at a counter or booth with a security screen, but these locations don't always have a free space above where the speaker can be mounted, making the BRKT-CLAMP-S23 a great solution for your installation problems. 


Height - 25mm (0.98")
Width - 96mm (3.77")
Depth - 49mm (1.92")

Clamp is adjustable between 2-20mm to accommodate different partition/screen thicknesses.

Construction - Mild Steel
Finish - Powder Coated RAL 9006 Semi Gloss


- Single/Dual Clamping Bracket
- Fixings 
- Sticky Pads