Contacta STAFFMIC-01-NWB Microphone

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The Contacta STAFFMIC-01-NWB is the unit supplied with the STS-K015-01 Compact Speech Transfer System and provides a space saving solution to the staff side needs of speech transfer solution.

The round base allows for easy positioning and the rigid stem makes sure the microphone stays where it should and can't be moved out of the way. The space saving elements comes from the exclusion of the integrated loudspeaker as provided in other Contacta microphones such as the STS-SU1-G or STS-SU1-B as the intended solution uses a separate loudspeaker such as the STS-S22-G.

The microphones extended frequency response of 50Hz - 20kHz ensures that all the important parts of the speech range are picked up and broadcast to the public side.

Although this microphone comes with the K015 kit it can also be used on any of the speech transfer systems from Contacta but don't forget your loudspeakers!