Contacta STS-A31H Speech Transfer Amplifier

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The Contacta STS-A31H is the speech transfer amplifier supplied with all the Contacta speech transfer systems. The compact size means it's easy to install in a discrete position and it's lightweight allows it to be easily fixed to any surface via an adhesive or by using the fixing lugs incorporated into the design.

The amplifier provides full open duplex communication allowing a two way conversation to occur whilst maximising quality and reducing background noise. The duplex algorithm also helps reduce the chance of any feedback occuring on the system.

The item is compatible with all the Contacta speech transfer systems so can be used a replacement part or if you're trying to build a bespoke system to meet your specific needs.

The unit has an energy saving mode resulting in a power saving of 80% over models that are simply left powered on at all times. 

Here are some more important features of the STS-A31H from Contacta:

  • Advanced audio processing including AGC, compression and noise gate
  • Constant current loop drive for a hearing loop facility
  • LED indicators for easy setup and operation
  • Continuos self testing to confirm status and functionality
  • 2.1mm standard DC power jack
  • Power LED indicator