Contacta STS-K001L-B Bridge Systems with Induction Loop (Black)

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The perfect solution for through glass communication is offered by the Contacts STS-K001L-B. Designed to enable hands-free communicaiotn across counters and desks that have glass partitions the STS-K001L-B is the black version of the STS-K001L-G grey kit.

The full kit provides everything you need to setup a communication through glass system that allows you to hear what your visitors are saying and let them hear what you are saying back. There's nothing more frustrating than having an unintelligible conversation and this is even worse when you're hard of hearing so the STS-K001 range of products come complete with an induction loop facility.

This kit has surface mount components on the staff side of the counter and a combine microphone and loudspeaker unit on the staff side. The system controller is a small, compact device that controls all the switching between public and staff communicstion and has been tuned to focus on speech broadcast whilst filtering out background noise which is essential to improve intelligibility.

The public to staff communication will be active all the time but the staff to public communication can be muted using an easy to operate switch on the staff unit.

The following items are included in the kit:

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Does the job and looks professional :-).
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