Contacta STS-K001L-G Bridge Systems with Induction Loop (Grey)

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The Contacta STS-K001L-G is a full speech transfer kit with induction loop system built in and is designed for hands-free communication through partitions suchs as security desks, banks, post offices and ticket offices etc. The STS-K001L-G is the grey version of this product but the STS-K001L-B black version is also available and other colours can be made as a special order.

It is often difficult to hear and understand what's being said through a glass partition and this kit overcomes that issue by providing a microphone on the staff side that will broadcast audio into the public space via loudspeakers on the counter top. The public side of the system has a pair of loudspeakers with a bridge bar between that holds the public side microphone in an optimum position in the centre of the listening space. The public side audio is broadcast into the staff space via a loudspeaker built into the staff side microphone.

The system has been designed to pick up the voice and reduce background noise levels to improve intelligibility. The system controller is a small compact unit that does all the required switching between staff and public sides to make sure the system does not feed back. Audio levels can be altered to fine tune the system and maximise privacy by reducing audio levels to make sure only the local area is broadcast into.

The staff side microphone unit also has a mute facility to provide a level of privacy when confidential information needs discussed on the staff side without the public side listening in.

The STS-K001L-G comes complete with an induction loop facility too ensuring that your hard of hearing service users can easily communicate with you too; this is particularly relevant when the customer side of the counter has high levels of background noise.

The following items are included in the kit: