Contacta STS-K002L-B Surface Systems with Loop (Black)

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Forming part of the STS-K002 range, the STS-K002L-B is a black version of the popular STS-K002L-G grey system.

Contacta are well established as the premium manufacturer of speech transfer systems and the STS-K002L-B falls right into that category by offering first class communication between the public and staff sides of a counter or desk that has a glass partition. Although these systems are normally used for communication through glass, and will often be referred to as through glass intercoms, they can also be a great solution to other communication applications, such as temporary Perspex screens.

As with the STS-K002L-G the STS-K002L-B includes separate surface mount microphone and loudspeaker units for the customer side of the partition with a combined loudspeaker and microphone unit for the staff side, which also has a mute facility to ensure privacy.

The compact controller does all the work of switching between public and staff sides whilst optimising the speech broadcast and minimising background noise, and has an integrated induction loop amplifier to help you provide great service to your hard of hearing visitors.

If the surface mount kit isn't what you're looking for there are alternative speech transfer solutions available in our speech transfer section.

If you need any assistance or advice regarding speech transfer systems then please contact our sales team on 0191 691 6691 and we'll be happy to help.

The STS-K002L-B Kit comes with: