Contacta STS-K002L-G Surface Systems with Loop (Grey)

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The STS-K002L-G from Contacta is a speech transfer system ideal for use across counters and desks that have a glass partition. Often called a through glass intercom, the STS-K002 range offers a means to get great communication between staff and customers; the kits even have a built in induction loop facility to ensure you provide a great means of communication with any service users that are hard of hearing.

The STS-K002L kit includes a separate surface mount microphone and separate loudspeaker unit for the customer side and a combined loudspeaker and microphone unit for the staff side. The staff side unit also has a mute facility to ensure privacy is maintained during those confidential discussions that the public side shouldn't hear. All of these are wired back to the small controller unit that works out all the switching and tunes the audio to focus on speech whilst ignoring background noise. The kit includes everything you need to get your system up and running.

The STS-K002L-G is a grey version of the kit but the STS-K002L-B is also available.

If the surface mount kit isn't what you're looking for there are other speech transfer solutions available too in our speech transfer section.

The STS-K002L-G Kit comes with: