Contacta STS-K058 Speech System with Vandal-Proof Bent Screen-Mounted Microphone

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The Contacta STS-K058 is a vandal-proof speech transfer system. It is designed to provide one to one communication through a safety screen or partitioned counter. It's ideal for use in banks, post offices, theatres, information centres or airports. 

The customer side microphone is designed to be mounted on a glass safety screen and it is built to be vandal-proof. The system also comes with a hearing loop allowing direct communication to users of assistive listening devices.

The system comprises of the following items;

- 1 x STS-A31H Speech Transfer Amplifier 
- 1 x STS-M14-BENT Vandal-Proof Screen Mounted Microphone with Bent Stem
- 1 x STS-SU1-G Free Standing Staff Microphone
- 1 x STS-S60 Free Standing Customer Speaker Unit
- 1 x IL-AE99 Hearing Loop Aerial