Contacta STS-K060 Slimline Speech Transfer System with Loop (Stainless Steel)

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The beautiful STS-K060 slimline speech transfer kit from Contacta is a step above the standard kits such as the STS-K001L. The surface mount speech transfer system offers the same high quality of audio between public and staff through security screens or privacy glass and includes the, as standard, an induction loop facility to assist the hard of hearing but the stainless steel finish on the product makes it stand out from the crowd.

The slimline kit is a bridge bar type system with the public side microphone raised away from the counter via a slimline channel bringing it closer to users who stand and not too far from accesiibility users. This optimum height ensures maximum intelligibility between staff and customer and avoids any errors being made in translation and takes away the need for either party to shout.

The stainless stell finish not only looks great but can also be a requirement in certain facilities including hygeine areas and medical facilities. Although not specifically made to serve this purpose is may be a better alternative that the standard steel variants like the STS-K001B.

If the surface mount kit or stainless steel version isn't what you're looking for there are other speech transfer solutions available too in our speech transfer section.

The STS-K060 Kit comes with: