Contacta STS-K062 Surface Mounted Speakers & Anti-Vandal Mic System

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The Contacta STS-K062 speech transfer system is designed for use in banks, post offices, ticket kiosks, information centres, airports, supermarket checkouts and pharmacies where one to one communication takes place but space is limited. 

The system features a mounted microphone for customer use, a round based microphone for the staff, and two overhead speaker units. It also includes a hearing loop to allow direct communication with assistive listening device users.

The system comprises of the following;

- 1 x STS-A31H Speech Transfer Amplifier
- 1 x STS-M14-300 Anti-Vandal Microphone
- 1 x STAFFMIC-01-NWB Flexible Gooseneck Microphone
- 2 x STS-S30-G Overhead Speakers
- 1 x IL-AE97-00 Hearing Loop Sign with Built-in Aerial 
- 1 x PS-55-01 Power Supply