Contacta STS-K064 Anti-Vandal Speech Transfer System

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Speech transfer systems are a great way to provide intelligible speech through an acoustic barrier such as a Perspex or glass customer service panel. They allow easy communication between the customer and staff, but it has been known for some of the standard kits, such as the STS-K001L Standard Bridge Bar System, to be vandalised.

To address this issue, Contacta have developed this superb kit to ensure that superb communication can be maintained, but your investment is protected from vandals as much as possible.

As with most of the speech transfer kits, this system comes complete with a combined loudspeaker and microphone pod for the staff side of the counter. The staff unit features an on/off switch to allow you to have confidential conversations without broadcasting them to the public side. The flexible gooseneck allows for perfect microphone placement to get the best intelligibility from the system.

The public side of the counter comprises of the latest overhead loudspeaker unit and the vandal resistant surface mounted microphone. The extended microphone position provides the perfect pickup location for the public speech to be broadcast clearly to the staff side.

The heart of the system is still the open duplex amplifier that is common for all Contacta speech transfer systems. Open duplex means that a free flowing two way conversation can be had without any break up in audio or feedback. Some cheaper systems have a simplex system which provides only one way communication at a time. These systems flip flop back and forth depending on which side is loudest and can often lead to poor conversation quality that adds to the frustration of both staff and customer; not ideal in an environment that needs a vandal resistant solution!

It's always important to ensure you provide good communication for people who wear hearing aids, so this kit includes a telecoil to provide an induction loop system for the hard of hearing. Induction Loop Signage is also very important, after all, what's the point in having an induction loop if no one knows it's there! This kit includes a suitable, self adhesive, loop present sticker, but there are other options available in our loop signage section.

The kit comes with everything you need to for the full system, this includes:

  • STS-A31H Speech Transfer Duplex Amplifier
  • STS-M14-300 Anti-Vandal Microphone Unit
  • STS-SU1 Staff Combined Loudspeaker and Microphone Unit
  • STS-23-G Overhead Loudspeaker
  • IL-AE99 Induction Loop Coil
  • IL-SN01 Fixed Loop Adhesive Sign
  • PS-55-01 Power Supply Unit


Datasheet for Contacta STS-K064
User manual for Contacta STS-K064