Contacta STS-M74 Discreet Microphone

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The Contacta STS-M74 Discreet Microphone is a compact microphone solution designed to be mounted to a till. It is ideal for use in any situation where one to one communication takes place at a counter, such as banks, post offices, supermarkets, theatres, information centres or airports. 

It is fitted using an attached bolt and it comes with a double sided connector. The microphone is compatible with any Contacta speech transfer system which uses an STS-A31H amplifier. 

Alternatively if you'd like to mount the STS-M74 to a computer screen then we would recommend looking at the STS-M74-02 as an alternative option.

Physical Data

Dimensions - 70mm H x 40mm W x 100mm L
Weight - 65g
Construction - ABS Plastic
Finish - Satin Black

Technical Data

Directional Response - Cardioid
Frequency Response - 70Hz - 14kHz
Sensitivity - -67dB 3dB @ 1kHz
Impedance - 1.6K Ohms =/- 30% @ 1kHz