Contacta STS-M98 Halo Microphone with LED and Brass Stem

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Ideal for counter loop systems the STS-M98 has the same noise cancelling capsule as the STS-M72 to ensure the highest quality of audio is fed into the loop system. It comes with a halo ring light at the base of the unit which shows green when the system is healthy and red if there are any faults detected.

This allows staff to report any faults without delay. The light is also a good reminder to let staff know the system is installed, ready to use, and where the microphone is, to allow them to focus their speech directly into the microphone.

It's perfect for all one to one induction loop scenarios where background noise may be a concern, and installation couldn't be easier; simply unpack the unit, peel of the adhesive protective cover and stick to a clean flat surface making sure it is in line with the person speaking, otherwise it would be a pointless installation!

For those applications that are aesthetically sensitive this microphone is perfect as it comes with a brass stem. Images of this version are unfortunately unavailable, so the image provided is that of the STS-M72.