Contacta STS-S60-B Surface Mount Loudspeaker - (Black)

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Supplied as standard with the STS-K002L-B Speech Transfer System the STS-S60-B is a black, surface mount loudspeaker that can be used a replacement for a defective or damaged unit. The loudspeaker can also be used as part of a standard sound system that needs a rugged solution for a low powered loudspeaker.

The loudspeaker has an output of 85dB 1W/1M with an impedance of 4 ohms and an RMS wattage of 5w.

Dimensions are approximately 75mm(D) x 60mm (W) x 110mm (H)

It is also available as a grey variant (STS-S60-G) and can be produced in anly colour for an additional cost.