Current Thinking ET120 Loop Amplifier

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Discontinued Product
Current Thinking ET120 Loop Amplifier
The Current Thinking ET60 and ET120 wall mounted induction loop amplifiers (AFILS) cover areas of up to 64m or 120m respectively. (These coverage areas are greatly increased if the area to be covered is rectangular - up to 165m and 350m respectively.)

This model is useful for induction loop installations in buildings which feature metal reinforcement or structures in the ceilings and floors as it features a metal loss correction system.

If part of a 100 volt line distributed sound system, the ET60 / ET120 can be installed in parallel with the loudspeakers.

Front mounted LEDs indicate input signal limit and peak loop drive current status.

  • Balanced or Unbalanced Microphone input 
  • Line or 100v Line input 
  • 120m2 square area coverage (64m2 for the ET60) 
  • Covers areas up to 70m x 5m (350m2) 
  • Studio Quality Compressor Limiter 
  • Wall Mounted for permanent fixture 
  • Metal Loss Correction 
  • Secure mix controls on front 
  • 4A Peak Current (3A ET60) 
  • >8A short Term Peak Current 
  • Phantom Power on the microphone input 
  • Two part Screw terminals for ease of installation. 
  • Instructions and Loop Present Sticker provided


  • Audio inputs: 1 off balanced mic or unbalanced mic, 1 off 100V line or balanced line selectable. 
  • Type: 2-part 5mm Screw terminals 
  • Line: Power Aux 12V 100mA for loop OK signs and input pre amplifiers 
  • Phantom: 12V 2mA 
  • Sensitivity: -50dBV Microphone, +40dBV 100V line, -10dBV balanced line.

Mains Input

  • Voltage: 230V ~ 50/60 Hz 
  • Current: 250mA Nominal (180mA) 
  • Power: 90VA Max (60VA Max) 
  • Internal fuses: Mains 1A (F) HBC 
  • Fuse for Spur: 3A 

Indication & Controls

  • LED indicators: 1 off input signal limit, 1 off AC present, 4 off loop current 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A (0.8A, 1.5A, 2.2A, 3A) 
  • User Controls: 2x input mixer, Metal loss adjust and current Drive. 
  • Protection: Recessed screwdriver adjust only.

Audio Processing

  • Metal Loss 0 to 3dB per Octave 
  • Compressor Variable ratio 1:1 to limit 20:1. 
  • Attack 10mS 
  • Release Automatic from 500mS to 1500mS 
  • Dynamic Range >60dB 
  • THD <0.25% 

Output Stage

  • Type: Current Mode 
  • Loop impedance: 0.1Ω to 2Ω max 3Ω @1.6KHz 
  • Loop Type: Single turn 1mm to 1.5mm CSA (0.75mm to 1mm CSA) 
  • Peak Current: >8A peak (>6A peak) 
  • 125mS burst: >4A peak (>3A peak) 
  • RMS Current: 2A @1KHz (1.8A @1KHz) 
  • Protection: DC, Thermal, Short circuit, soft start.


  • Height: 225mm 
  • Width: 160mm 
  • Depth: 80mm 
  • Weight: 1.2Kgs (1Kgs) 
  • Mains Suppl:y 110V operation