Current Thinking ET60 Loop Amplifier

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Current Thinking ET60 Loop Amplifier
General Information

The ET120 and ET60 Audio Frequency Induction Loop amplifiers have been designed to meet the requirements of buildings to comply with the DDA and building regulations document M, or anywhere where provision is allowed for hard of hearing clients.

The ET120 covers a square area of 120m2, (11m a side) and rectangular areas up to 70m by 5m (350m2) such as corridors (see chart later), whilst the ET60 Covers a square room of 64m2, (8m a side) and rectangular areas up to 55m by 3m (165m2)

The unit is self-contained in a wall mount enclosure with an attractive ABS lid and metal back box, which has 20mm gland knockouts on the top for signal cables and the bottom for mains connection allowing simple cable management & installation.

The ET120 features metal loss correction, which restores the high frequencies removed by metal in buildings such as ceiling grids and floor reinforcing.

Front panel indication is given for input signal limit and peak loop drive current.

  • Balanced or Unbalanced Microphone input.
  • Line or 100v Line input.
  • 120m2 square area coverage. (64m2 for the ET60).
  • Covers areas up to 70m x 5m (350m2).
  • Studio Quality Compressor Limiter.
  • Wall Mounted for permanent fixture.
  • Metal Loss Correction.
  • Phantom Power on the microphone input.
  • 0.1Ω to 2Ω Loop drive.


The graph below shows the areas covered by the ET120, the darker, lower line shows the ET60, this is based on normal building construction, lost sheet screed or large areas of metal will reduce the coverage and require use of the metal correction.

If the loop is placed higher than 2.4 metres, the coverage will reduce by approximately 20% per metre above this height.If the loop is ceiling mounted, avoid aluminium or sheet metal ceiling tiles, these will reduce the effective coverage.

Always run the microphone and loop cables separately, only crossing at 90o to avoid magnetic feedback.