Current Thinking ETRX Loop Receiver

£ 71.28
Discontinued Product
The ETRX is designed to provide a low cost solution for AFILS testing during installation.

The ETRX is designed to allow people without hearing aids to listen to the programme material being broadcast by the induction (AFILS) loop amplifier.

Digital volume controls with a positive "click" action are used to set the volume of the received signal in the headphones as well as a power toggle button for standby. The receiver has many uses, from testing the audio quality of a loop installation, to providing museum talk through system for non hearing aid users.

A built in high pass filter is used to remove mains hum from the received signal, making this unit ideal for installations in theatres where the mains noise from dimmers and lighting affect the sound quality. Power is provided by a PP3 type battery, providing over 20 hours of continuous use from an alkaline battery. In standby the unit remembers the last volume setting used and consumes only 40uA. If the unit is to be left unused for long periods of time then the batteries should be removed to prevent them discharging fully or leaking.

  • Digital volume controls
  • High pass filter
  • Belt clip
  • Sturdy case

Please Note: The ETRX is not a hearing aid and is not sold as such, the device can however be used by people with mild hearing loss to enhance sound reception at theatres and concert venues.