Current Thinking SecureT Low Spill Loop Amplifier

£ 447.32
Discontinued Product
Current Thinking SecureT Low Spill Loop AmplifierThe unit is self-contained in a wall mount enclosure, and contains two loop amplifiers and a quadrature phase shifter for low spill loop applications. The SecureT covers a square area of 64mto 12m by 6m (72m)The Secure T Audio Frequency Induction Loop amplifier has been designed to provide loop coverage in school and meeting room environments where multiple loops are in close proximity. The unit contains two loop amplifiers running 90 degrees out of phase with each other, this coupled to special loop patterns on the floor or in the ceiling of the area to be covered produce a low spill field with several unique properties, the field is contained both horizontally and vertically, and the field within the enclosed area is devoid of amplitude changes from horizontal to vertical ensuring evenness of coverage in the whole room, something not possible with a conventional perimeter loop. Low spill loops are also ideal for rooms with lametal contents, such as those with raised computer flooring. The unit is self-contained in a wall mount enclosure with an attractive ABS lid and metal back box, which has 20mm gland knockouts on the top for signal cables and the bottom for mains connection allowing simple cable management & installation. Front panel indication is given for input signal limit and peak loop drive current.