sigNET ML1/K ML1 Counter Induction Loop Kit

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sigNET ML1/K ML1 Counter Induction Loop Kit
sigNET's new ML1/K counter induction loop kit is ideal for use in post offices, banks, building societies, ticket offices and reception areas. 

Comprising a compact wall-mounting double gang induction loop amplifier, a self-adhesive microphone and pre-formed counter loop, it can generate a loop listening field of 1.2m2 approx. making it ideal for counters, desktops and tables. 

In addition to its 3.5mm microphone input the ML1 amplifier also features a balanced line input, loop strength, input peak and mains on indicators and a selection of user and engineer controls. 

As well as being used as part of the ML1/K counter loop system, the ML1 is capable of covering rooms up to 20m2 (approx. 4.5m x 4.5m) using a loop made from four core burglar alarm cable wired as four turns. 

The ML1/K counter induction loop kit includes:

  • 1 x ML1 wall-mounting induction loop amplifier
  • 1 x AMT self-adhesive microphone
  • 1 x TX2 pre-formed counter loop
  • 1 x TEAR 'loop fitted' sticker

  • Extremely cost-effective. 
  • Generates a loop listening field of approx. 1.2m2 dependent on loop position. 
  • Double-gang wall-mounting ML1 amplifier fits standard UK 25mm back boxes and is ideal for mounting under desks, counters or table tops. 
  • Omni-directional AMT microphone plugs directly into 3.5mm socket on amplifier front. 
  • Balanced/unbalanced line level in and 12V d.c. out connectors offer full compatibility with sigNET's unique outreach plate audio input extension system. 
  • User-adjustable microphone sensitivity and engineer-adjustable loop drive and input level controls. 
  • Input Peak, Mains On and Loop Strength indicators. 
  • Automatic compressor limiter. 
  • Fully compliant with EN60118-4 (formerly BS6083) and BS7594:1993. 
  • Installer-friendly design requires no specialist audio experience or connectors -the ML1 can be fitted by any competent electrician. 
  • Can be used to help building managers and service providers comply with BS8300, the Disability Discrimination Act and the Care Standards Act. 
  • Dimension (w x h x d) 143mm x 53mm x 32mm 
ML1 double gang wall plate amplifier, AMT mic, TX121 counter loop.