sigNET PDA103L 50m² Small Room Loop Kit (tie/desk mic version)

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The SigNET PDA103L induction loop kit is designed for a small room or office.

It is based around the SigNET PDA103 audio frequency induction loop amplifier and is ideal for any application requiring restricted or a small coverage area. The kit also includes an AMT tie/desk microphone, 30 metres of loop cable and two ‘loop in use’ stickers.

The amp has a 3.5mm microphone input (with 9V phantom power) and is fully compatible with the SigNET Outreach plates. (see related products)

This compact design loop amp can be left free-standing or wall-mounted using the keyholes provided. The amplifier’s input can be easily adjusted using the rotary level control on the front and an adjustable drive control allows the amplifier’s output stage to be altered to suit the requirements of any room and, to help during installation, two set-up indicators (Peak and Limit) and a Power on LED are also provided.

The audio processor in the SigNET PDA103 features an automatic gain control which compensates for poor microphone techniques and helps suppress loud noises, hisses and clicks. The amplifier’s true current mode amplification circuitry guarantees excellent and consistent sound quality for the hearing impaired.


  • Can be wall or table mounted
  • Simple installation system
  • Accepts Signet Outreach plates (up to 10 input plates on 1 cable) See related products
  • Comes with microphone and cable included.
  • Complies with DDA legislation BS8300 and also EN60118-4
  • Ideal for TV lounges, interview rooms, classrooms etc
  • Phantom power for use with other microphones
  • Adjustable limit and drive control.
  • Loop ID sticker
  • Extremely compact design 56mm x 136mm x 175mm
  • 5 year warranty
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Made in UK

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