Induction Loop Test Equipment

Need to comply with BS7594 or BS EN60811-4 then you're going to need an induction loop test device. We can provide induction loop test devices from all major induction loop manufacturers including Current Thinking, Ampetronic, Univox, Signet, C-Tec and any more you can think of! 

So no matter if you need the ILR3 or ILR3+, the RXTi, the ETRX or the Univox Listener we can supply them all. If you're looking for a more professional unit to measure field strength then we can also supply the Univox FSM 2.0, the Ampetronic FSM or the FSM+SCC which comes with a cable connection set, the Ampetronic CMR3 and the ETFSM from Current Thinking.

We are the one stop shop for all your induction loop test equipment and advice.